Vox, Christina Dalcher

“I don’t think I really believed it would happen. I don’t think any of us did.”   Title: Vox Author: Christina Dalcher Page count: 326 (hardcover edition) Imagine a world where women have a 100-word allowance each day. Go over that number, and you’ll wish you hadn’t. That’s the reality for Dr, no, Mrs Jean McClellan, and all girls & women over 3 months old. No … Continue reading Vox, Christina Dalcher

Four ways to get out of your reading slump

I am awful at making time for reading. My phone, social media, video games or binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy always seem to take a higher priority, even though they don’t bring me as much joy. So, I’ve been trying some new behaviours to try and teach myself to make more time. 1. Munching and reading My most productive reading time? Lunch. I’m very lucky to be able to … Continue reading Four ways to get out of your reading slump

We’re buying a house

We did a thing. I have been living down south for almost two years now and, I’m not going to lie, it’s been a huge adjustment. I grew up in the Scottish countryside, where you could only go places by car, would have to allow extra time in case there were tractors/sheep/cows/cyclists on the road and, when you got to your destination, it would probably rain. Moving to … Continue reading We’re buying a house